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"The dragonfly is symbolic of change. I have learned from my own personal experience, I could not have recovery without first implementing change."

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About Us

As owner of Sam Wells Addiction Interventions, LCC, Sam Wells takes pride in helping others through the process of recovery. Sam is no stranger to addiction. She knows all too well both sides, experiencing her own personal recovery as well as the impact this disease plays on family members. Through Sam’s own personal intervention and experience helping others with this disease, spurred the passion which led to the opening of Sam Wells Addiction Interventions, LLC.

Through the scope of her career, Sam has aligned herself with some of the finest mental health professionals and addiction treatment facilities in the field, which continue to play a significant part in her career development. Through these relationships, Sam has the opportunity to provide to her clients some of the best resources to better assist families and their loved ones along this process of recovery. Sam considers it a privilege to serve on the Board of WakeUp:Carolina, a nonprofit community outreach that provides awareness of the catastrophic heroin and opiate epidemic sweeping the nation.

Sam Wells Addiction Interventions recognizes intervening as a process and not just an event. We see the value in offering a wide range of services from treatment placement, transportation, and sober companion for your loved one.


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